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Statistic Meaning
News Check out the recent news articles for the market and any security!
Insider Trading View the recent trades of the top executives and shareholders for the market and any security!
Correlated Stocks Find Stocks that are highly correlated (for Pairs Trading Strategy or diversification)
Fundamental Stock Data Get access to fundamental ratios showing how well a company is performing!
Risk Management Statistics Retrieve Statistics that assess the amount of risk to returns for securities
Significant Price Resistances Pricepoints of significant resistance for a security (often indicates a breakout if passed on high volume)
Yahoo Finance Analyst Recommendation Check out the Yahoo Finance Analysts Recommendation value for any stock!
Extended Stock Calculator Calculates the percentage away from 50-Day SMA and compares it to historical data
Regression Statistics Retrieve the alpha, beta, R², volatility, and momentum for any security
Historical Data Get historical data on several stocks from any period of time!
Quant Stats View a comprehensive tearsheet of statistics and plots!
Top Stocks Check out the top stocks in the market today!